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DRDO starts fabrication process of 4th HSTDV (HS-04)

Source : IgMp Bureau

DRDO starts fabrication process of 4th HSTDV (HS-04)
DRDO HSTDV Glide Vehicle (Left) and Hypersonic Missile with HSTDV (Right)

The DRDO has released a tender on 24th March for the manufacturing and supply of Adapter Assembly and Ramp Assembly for HS-04, which means that the DRDO has started the fabrication process of fourth Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle (HSTDV).

In the past three successful tests of the Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle (HSTDV), the hypersonic cruise vehicle was mounted on an Agni-1 solid rocket motor, to take it to the required altitude, after which the cruise vehicle was ejected out of the launch vehicle. But interestingly, this time the K4 missile will now be used as a booster instead of the Agni-1, which features a much powerful solid fuel booster.

K4 SLBM and its specifications

The third test of Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle (HSTDV) was not officially announced, and chances are that the DRDO will not release any information on future tests of this strategic hypersonic cruise missile.

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