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Three Rafale Jets With Indian Enhancements To Reach India Soon

Source : Republic

Three Rafale Jets With Indian Enhancements To Reach India Soon
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The total strength of Rafale fighters in India will soon be thirty-five as the three Rafale jets with Indian enhancements will be reaching India in the next two days, according to the defense sources. The last Rafale fighter will arrive in India in April this year, completing the 36 aircraft contract with France. The last fighter will be fitted with all India-specific enhancements.

The three Rafale jets have to take off from Istres-Le Tube airbase northwest of Marseille in southern France, around February 1-2 depending on the weather conditions. These jets will fly continuously to India with mid-air refueling assistance by UAE. The sources in the Defence Ministry also indicated that once India receives all 36 jets, the 32 jets in the initial lots will be flying to France in a phased manner for Indian modification fittings to give Indian Air Force more teeth.

The India specific enhancements on Rafales relate to long-range Meteor air-to-air missiles, low band frequency jammers, advanced communication systems, more capable radio altimeter, radar warning receiver, high altitude engine start-up, synthetic aperture radar, ground moving target indicator and tracking, missile approach warning systems, and very high-frequency range decoys, according to the sources. The last Rafale to reach India in April is known to be integrated with all the above India-specific enhancements.

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