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Govt objects to ‘Nehru’s India’ comment by Singapore PM

Source : Tribune News Service

Govt objects to ‘Nehru’s India’ comment by Singapore PM
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India has taken umbrage at remarks by Singapore Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong who said, “Nehru’s India has become one where, according to media reports, almost half the MPs in the Lok Sabha have criminal charges pending against them, including charges of rape and murder. Though it is also said many of these allegations are politically motivated.”

Sources here said the remarks by the Singapore PM were uncalled for and India is taking up the matter with the Singapore side. But there was no confirmation if the Foreign Office had summoned the High Commissioner of Singapore to formally register its objections.

In a 40-minute prepared speech on Raeesah Khan, a MP who had to quit for lying to Parliament, the Singapore PM spoke about how a democratic system needs MPs with good norms and values to function. He frequently invoked David Ben Gurion of Israel and Jawaharlal Nehru who were “exceptional individuals of great courage, immense culture and outstanding ability”.

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