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Pakistan’s sinister plot exposed, IED blasts planned in India ahead of state polls: Intel sources

Source : Times Now

Pakistan’s sinister plot exposed, IED blasts planned in India ahead of state polls: Intel sources
Ahead of Republic Day, IED recovered from Delhi's Ghazipur flower market.  |  Photo Credit: PTI

A sinister plot of Pakistan to create mayhem in India ahead of the upcoming Assembly elections has been exposed as intel sources have revealed that Islamabad has been planning to carry out a series of IED attacks in the country.

In an exclusive conversation with Times Now’s Nikunj Garg, some highly placed intelligence sources have revealed that Pakistan is planning a series of strikes to destablise Indian democracy in the run-up to voting day across the states. Pakistan is planning to mount a number of drone sorties across the border to drop Improvised Explosive Device (IEDs) for its terror proxies on Indian soil. The drones will drop the ready-to-use IEDs, the kind which was defused in Delhi last week, according to the intel sources.

For the last six months, Pakistan has dropped ready-made IED kits inside the Indian territory from across the border.

The sources further stated that IED recovered in Delhi on January 14 was a trial run ahead of the upcoming Assembly elections and what could be more alarming is that a similar drone attack was reported at Abu Dhabi’s new International Airport today.

As per the sources, some unknown terrorist groups will claim the responsibility for the attacks in a bid to shield the bigger terror outfits like Jaish-e-Mohammed (JeM) and Lashkar-e-Taiba (LeT).

A major tragedy was averted in the national capital last week when the IED kept in an unclaimed bag was defused by the NSG bomb detection centre. Due to heightened security alerts ahead of Republic Day, an NSG team was deployed at Central Vista. This unit reached Delhi’s Ghazipur within 15 minutes. 

The investigators have revealed that a pattern has been found in the IED found at Ghazipur. It contained 3 kilograms of ammonia nitrate and RDX and bears striking resemblance to bombs found at Srinagar on the same day and 5-kilogram of RDX at Attari on the international border.

On January 13, 2.5 kilogram RDX was found in Punjab’s Gurdaspur. 

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