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Makeshift launcher hints at New BrahMos-ER Block-IV

Source : IDRW

Makeshift launcher hints at New BrahMos-ER Block-IV
BrahMos missile test-fired yesterday from a Makeshift Launcher instead of its own Canister

DRDO won’t spell it out but the use of a makeshift launcher in the recent experimental launch of the BrahMos used instead of a canister launcher for the BrahMos supersonic cruise missiles hints that the missile is longer than the previous missile due to which DRDO had to switch to the makeshift launcher. DRDO only confirmed that the recent Brahmos test comes with increased indigenous content and improved performance and was tested at supersonic speed for its maximum range and met all mission objectives but no clarity on the range.

New BrahMos seems to be 20-25% longer in length which could enable it to carry more range with an expanded fuel tank, which in turn could enable it to hit targets as far as 700km. BrahMos already has seen a range increase from 290km to 450km after India became a signatory of the MTCR regime that removed previous range restrictions that limited it to be less than 300km.

BrahMos range jumped from 290km to 450km without any increase in its length but mainly due to modifications of the internal, that could enable it to carry a bigger fuel tank. BrahMos-ER was supposed to have a range of 800km with the same Mach 3 speed but it was later decided instead to increase the supersonic speed to over Mach 4 by reducing its range to around 650-700km.

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