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India Installs ‘Anti Cut-Anti-Climb’ Fencing At Indo-Bangladesh Border To Curb Illegal Movements

Source : Asian News International (ANI)

India Installs ‘Anti Cut-Anti-Climb’ Fencing At Indo-Bangladesh Border To Curb Illegal Movements
Ajai Singh, Inspector General, BSF North Bengal Frontier spoke to ANI

In a bid to strengthen its border security measures and further curb criminal activities across the border areas, the Indian border guarding force has introduced ‘Anti Cut-Anti Climb’ fencing along the India-Bangladesh border. According to the Border Security Force (BSF), the fencing has a long life and is economically better. It will efficiently resist anyone from cutting or climbing over it by any means and will also help the forces to deal with the criminals along the border, it said.

Speaking on the same, Ajai Singh, Inspector General, BSF North Bengal Frontier, told ANI, “Under the Low-Cost Technology Solution (LCTS) project, we have already started replacing ‘Anti Cut-Anti Climb’ fencing with the existing fencing along the 110 km unfenced portion of the border with Bangladesh in North Bengal. We have already covered 20 km and more will be covered shortly”.

Further outlining the efficiency of the fencing, he said that it cannot be cut easily and one cannot climb over it. “It has a longer life and is economically better which provides better security. This will make our forces more confident. It will cover the unfenced area of the borders as well”, he added.

Meanwhile, India shares a total of 4,096 km border area with Bangladesh out of which West Bengal alone shares 2,216 km. While the North Bengal frontier shares 950 km of the border, out of it 110 km is still unfenced. Apart from the Indo-Bangladesh border, attempts are also being made to replace the old fencing with the latest fencing at the India-Pakistan border as well. Earlier in 2019, two pilot projects covering 71 km on the India-Pakistan border (10 km) and India-Bangladesh border (61 km) were initiated under the Comprehensive Integrated Border Management System (CIBMS). 

In view of illegal activities and infiltration, the North Bengal frontier of the Border Security Force has been drawing up plans for keeping up vigilance along the India-Bangladesh border by installing anti-climb and anti-cut wires fencing and other gadgets to prevent any kind any illegal movements. 

Speaking on the same, IG NB frontier of the BSF told media on Tuesday that an amount of Rs 18 crores has been sanctioned by the central government for installations of equipment which will help in covering an unfenced area of the India-Bangladesh border in North Bengal and necessary work has also been initiated in the regard. Apart from that, equipment like night vision cameras, infrared cameras, variants of the CCTV cameras with high mast light towers among others will be installed in the border regions. 

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