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AjnaESAS: See-through armor technology for Indian tanks developed


AjnaESAS: See-through armor technology for Indian tanks developed

Mumbai-based AjnaLens has developed ” AjnaESAS ” (Enhanced Situational Awareness System) a 360-degree real-time See-Through Armor (STA) technology for the Indian Army Tanks. ‘ AjnaESAS is a See-Through Armor (STA) creates a new level of situational awareness and operational efficiency under closed hatches. Utilizing a set of high-resolution day and night cameras, the STA provides a full view of the battlefield, without compromising crew safety.

AjnaESAS provides seamless 360-degree real-time panoramic view under closed hatches with Day and night vision cameras with zoom-in capabilities claims company and can be adapted to a broad range of fighting vehicles and main battle tanks.

AjnaLens claims to have completed the field trials of AjnaESAS (Enhanced Situational Awareness System) and are set to upgrade the battle tanks of the Indian Army.

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