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US Airmen Reward confirms coverup of PAF F-16 loss against IAF: Western Military Historian


US Airmen Reward confirms coverup of PAF F-16 loss against IAF: Western Military Historian
Master Sgt. Kyle Wilson Circled

Tom Cooper an Austrian author, journalist, historian, and illustrator with an interest in modern military aviation on his recent Facebook post said that reward to Master Sgt. Kyle Wilson, an Airman with the United States Air Force who was stationed at Shahbaz airbase, Pakistan, from March 2018-2019, serving as the Technical Security Team (TST) superintendent in 2019 confirms that he was instrumental in either saving one of the damaged F-16s or helped collect wreckage on time (i.e. before this could’ve been revealed in the public) after the Balakot brawl that happened between two air forces in the region after Balakot air strikes.

Wilson’s job was to ensure that Pakistan Air Force is not allowed to use F-16s against India, in violation of that US-Pakistani agreement for these aircraft but the airman was instead awarded for failing in his duty claimed cooper.

Pakistan Air Force continues to deny that it had lost an F-16 inside Pakistan-occupied Kashmir (POK) when it was hit by a Russian R-73 Close Combat Missile fired by a Mig-21Bis that was Piloted by then Wing Commander Abhinandan Varthaman. The entire Pakistani media and Pakistani Foreign Office tried to mock India for awarding Vir Chakra to Group Captain Abhinandan Varthaman by President Ram Nath Kovind recently for his role in shooting down F-16.

Tom Cooper in 2019 had claimed that Four Pakistani Air Force Pilots had confirmed to him about the loss of F-16 but all of his sources went offline abruptly on 27th February 2019. Cooper said he doesn’t want to out names of these PAF Pilots since it could endanger them because they are still in service.

Tom Cooper has published 21 books including the unique Arab Migs series and is well known and respected Military aviation Historian in western countries.

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