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Trilateral summit between Russia, China and India can happen soon, says Russian envoy

Source : Zee News

Trilateral summit between Russia, China and India can happen soon, says Russian envoy
Image Source : ANI/AP

Close on the heels Putin’s foreign policy adviser, Yuri Ushakov mentioning about a Russia, India and China summit at leaders level in near future, the Russian envoy in Delhi has stated that summit can happen “in near future. This is my professional and personal expectations” with preference for in person meet.

In response to WION question, Russian envoy Nikolay Kudashev said, “the recent Russian Indian summit in New Delhi on December 6th was very successful. Multiple issues were raised. Receiving inputs from Moscow, coming from Presidential inner circle, namely from his assistant on foreign policy Yuri Ushakov, the sides are currently discussing idea of holding the trilateral –Russia, India and China. This could be expected in nearest future. I do share this news with pride.”

Asked if it will happen virtually or in person, he said, ” Its too pre mature to say, but anyways, what is important, what matters is it takes place first. Naturally our preference and sincere expectation would be that the 3 leaders could meet physically.”

Russian President Putin was in India on 6th December for the annual India Russia summit. Later he had a virtual meeting with Chinese President Xi Jinping as well. India China ties have been in tatters since Galwan incident last year.

The Galwan incident last year saw Chinese aggressive action at Line of actual control with India leading to the death of 20 Indian soldiers. China later confirmed that it lost 4 of its soldiers, a figure that is doubted given the track record of the Chinese govt on giving out data.

India and Russia share close ties with defence being main pillar of partnership. Russian Deputy Prime Minister Yury Borisov recently said that India may be the first buyer of the S500 air defence system. The Russian envoy when asked about the development said, “Our latest military technology is always open to you. As far as specific targets are concerned, you better raise with military. our armaments, achievements, or technology is ever open to you.”

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