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Rattled by India’s power, China tried to hack into defence systems: IB

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Rattled by India’s power, China tried to hack into defence systems: IB
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A report by Intelligence Bureau’s (IB) Cyber ??Threat Intelligence has revealed that hackers from China, Pakistan and North Korea are on the lookout to hack computers related to India’s nuclear and defence production.

In its report sent to the central government and the states, the IB has uncovered the conspiracy to hack into computers connected to important installations of the country between October 1 and October 31 this year. According to this recent report, information about a total of 56 web applications along with 13 computers has been known to Indian agencies through which the cyberattack was attempted.

According to sources in the Cyber ??Threat Intelligence report, state police, cooperative banks, paramilitary forces, civil aviation and government departments have also been targeted by hackers. According to sources, the highest risk of cyber threat has been found in Maharashtra, where nine applications, web applications and computers of two important installations were targeted by the attackers. After this, seven attempts were made in Punjab and five in Kerala to hack the systems through web applications.

India has started getting the S-400 Air Defence Missile System from Russia, after which the Indian borders will become even more secure. China is upset with India’s procurement of the system from Russia and is constantly trying to get information about India’s defence preparedness.

According to information received from sources, in September also, Chinese hackers conducted cyberattacks on the country’s defence sector to get information about India’s defence preparedness. Agencies have shared information of 40 such computers with the government, which were tried to be hacked. Along with this, agencies have detected more than 100 web applications, through which hacking attempts are being made.

The cyberattack was carried out by Chinese hackers between September 1 and September 30. This information has been given to the central government as well as the state governments. Of the 40 computers in which hackers tried to break into, 11 are from Jammu and Kashmir, 7 are from Karnataka and 6 from Uttar Pradesh.

According to sources, China is trying to find out where India is deploying its fighter jets and other weapons along with anti-missile defence systems. Like China, Pakistan is also spying on India through hackers. China’s hackers are trying to hack the defence sector as well as the computers of other critical sectors of the country such as power, banks, central paramilitary forces and police department.

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