PM Modi to visit UAE in January; FTA, Jammu and Kashmir on agenda

Source : Times Now

PM Modi to visit UAE in January; FTA, Jammu and Kashmir on agenda
File Photo from Prime Minister Modi's last UAE visit in August, 2019

During Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to the United Arab Emirates in the first week of January, India will not only strengthen economic and strategic ties by working towards a Free Trade Agreement or FTA, but also, play the “Jammu and Kashmir” card. 

The PM will visit the India pavilion during his visit, currently being planned for January 6.  The India Pavilion has weekly or fortnightly themes after states. A Jammu and Kashmir week has been planned and the PM’s visit to Dubai Expo is likely to be during that period. 

There have been further discussions on the reaction to Pakistan disallowing flights to the UAE from Srinagar. One view was to disallow flights from Pakistan to south east Asia flying over India. But there are a handful of such flights, while there are over 20 Indian flights overflying Pakistan.

 Another plan is being put in shape and further discussions could happen during the visit. This will be allowing UAE to increase landing points for its airlines from 16 to 17, by adding Srinagar to the list. This will improve connectivity and bypass current Pakistani objections. This will naturally help the people of Jammu and Kashmir, particularly traders and other business travellers.

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