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HAL’s AURDC to upgrade MiG-29K fleet with Indigenous weapons


HAL’s AURDC to upgrade MiG-29K fleet with Indigenous weapons
Indian Navy Mig-29K to get Astra Mk1 BVRAAM, Astra Mk2 BVRAAM and SAAW as weapons package soon (Picture : IgMp)

Hindustan Aeronautics Limited (HAL) facility Aircraft Upgrade Research & Design Centre (AURDC) has started the MiG-29K upgrade program under which indigenous weapons like Astra air to air missiles, SAAW, and general-purpose bombs will be integrated. AURDC will also take up the integration of the indigenous mission computers and laser pods.

Navy had approached HAL to upgrade the MiG-29K fleet but the aircraft had Russian systems that prevented the integration of the indigenous weapons system due to which extensive modifications were planned due to which now it will feature indigenous mission computers.

HAL also has offered to integrate DRDO developed Uttam Aesa Fire Control Radar at a later stage that will increase lethality to the aircraft in terms of increased range, improved day/night situational awareness, night attack capability, the accuracy of target hits.

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