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HAL strongly pitches New indigenous Transport / Passenger Aircraft Program


HAL bets for New indigenous Transport / Passenger Aircraft Program
A model of Abandoned Joint Development Project of India and Russia for HAL/UAC Il-214 Mutlirole Transport Aircraft MTA (File Photo)

After being left out of the C295 program that now will be executed for the first time by a private sector company, Tata Advanced Systems Limited (TASL) with Airbus and termination of the joint venture with Russia for the development of an MTA (Military Transport Aircraft) program to replace aging An-32 fleet, HAL’s Chairman and Managing Director R. Madhavan said that ” he is confident about the maturity level of indigenous capabilities in the aerospace sector along with private sector partners, India can come up with indigenous offerings not only for military transport aircraft but also for the complete spectrum of civil aircraft “.

Madhavan speaking to BUSINESSWORLD also said that he is not very happy with the progress of the proposed 90-seater aircraft program that is being led by NAL and said the grant from the government is yet to come and the more we delay the more we cede market share to foreign companies. HAL Chief said that the company is ready to lead and develop a Transport aircraft that can also be converted to a passenger jet so that it can cater to both the markets. has been informed that C295 program procured to replace the older Avro aircraft fleet in IAF but small sections within IAF are also supporting procuring more C295 aircraft so that it can eventually also replace workhorse An-32, a soviet-era medium haul transport aircraft in the fleet that could result in orders for 100 more C295 that has got HAL worried.

HAL’s proposed Avro upgrade program has not been cleared by IAF and In NAL’s Regional Transport Aircraft (RTA-90 ) program, HAL was supposed to be a manufacturing partner but the program has not moved due to the CCP virus situation that has hit the travel and airline industry hard that has resulted into negative growth in the sector and easy availability of used jets in the market at cheaper rates. has been told that lack of experience of NAL is also hindering its proposal due to which HAL is keen to led new project . has been told that HAL doesn’t want to concede Transport aircraft space to the private sector companies in India that will keep foreign origin aircraft in production, HAL is lobbying with MoD and IAF to let it come up with a conceptual design of the MTA Class aircraft in coming years for which it held talks with IAF .

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