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Egypt keen on acquiring Brahmos from India: Report


Egypt keen on acquiring Brahmos from India: Report
Egypt wants Indian BrahMos supersonic cruise missile for its Armed Forces (Photo : © Ladislav Karpov/TASS)

India and Egypt have held talks on the sidelines of the EDEX 2021, Egypt’s leading tri-service defense and security exhibition on the possible sale of Mach 3 capable Supersonic Brahmos cruise missiles from India claimed a report by

Key officials from the Egyptian Armed force visited the BrahMos Aerospace pavilion at EDEX 2021 and were seen discussing the missile system with senior officials of BrahMos Aerospace. Egypt showed interest in the BrahMos system Way back in 2016 first and initial talks were held but it couldn’t conclude into a deal.

The report says that India is under pressure from its close ally Israel not to sell the BrahMos system to Egypt since it could strengthen the Egyptian armed forces offensive capabilities but India insists that the Brahmos that is on offer to Egypt are limited to 290km range and doesn’t compromise security grid of the Israeli air defense system.

Egypt’s relationship with Israel is complex and has changed considerably over the years. Like all other Arab countries, Egypt protested Israel’s creation at the expense of Palestine. Egypt refused to recognize the state of Israel until 1979. Egypt and Israel have engaged in four wars, the instigators varying from war to war. Today, they cooperate extensively, mainly on security issues but Israel continues to lobby against the sale of any military technology by western countries that could be seen as a threat to Israeli security.

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