India has the tech to develop Unmanned 6th Gen Platform: Chief Designer of Tejas


India has the tech to develop Unmanned 6th Gen Platform: Chief Designer of Tejas
Northrop Grumman concept for a sixth generation fighter

Kota Harinarayana, the Chief architect and man behind and the Light Combat Aircraft (LCA), or Tejas speaking to Dr. Anantha Krishnan of Tarmak Media House said that India is in the position to start work on the development of Unmanned 6th Gen Platform. DRDO has maintained that India’s 5.5 Gen AMCA Program can also be optionally manned which could eliminate the need for Pilot in the fighter jet.

AMCA MkII platform will have some level of Artificial intelligence (AI) system that will reduce pilots workload in many ways that include Auto take-off and auto-landing features. MkII will also feature Remote take over of the aircraft in case of inflight emergencies where a pilot is injured or lost consciousness due to the High-G maneuver.

Most of the 6th Gen fighter programs that have gone on the floor will have both manned and unmanned platforms backed by an AI system to a level, but developing an Unmanned 6th Gen Platform without featuring requirement for human onboard will help engineers and designers to go for much more radical designs of the platforms without factoring in the safety measures that are often a requirement for sustaining a human onboard the aircraft.

Defense analysts Ranesh Rajan speaking to idrw.org said that the Unmanned AMCA MkII and Ghatak UCAV Program will need to be demonstrated before India can think about removing the equation of a Pilot from the aircraft completely for a 6th gen platform. Artificial intelligence (AI) that can Pilot a 6th gen platform without requiring an external Remote Human Pilot could require a significant jump in the level of AI that this country will need to invest for this to become reality.

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