Dhanush howitzer Clears trials with Bi-Modular Charge System (BMCS)-6


Dhanush howitzer Clears trials with Bi-Modular Charge System (BMCS)-6
Advanced Weapons and Equipment India Limited (previously a part of OFB) made Dhanush howitzer gun (File Photo)

The Indigenous 155mm/45 caliber Dhanush howitzer has cleared full charge Bi-Modular Charge System (BMCS)-6 in recent firing tests as per information provided by the ” Delhi Defence Review “. The Indian Army plans to hold another round of reliability trials before AWE limited recommences series production.

Bi-Modular Charging System (BMCS) consists of 2 (two) types of modules different in marking, color, shape, and a visible black stripe. BC-E is used for short distances (Zones 1-2) and TC-F is used for long distances (Zones 3-6). Approx. cartridge weight of TC-F is 2.8 kg.

The Indian Army ordered 114 Dhanush howitzers in 2019 and the production same year itself. However, so far, between April 2019 – June 2021, only 12 long-range Dhanush howitzer guns have been delivered to the Indian Army. Back then Indian Army had said that Dhanush howitzer guns were facing teething problems and the end-user Army and the manufacturer Gun Carriage Factory (CGF), will soon undertake some “confidence firing” and idrw.org has been told recent trials were one of these confidence-building measures to fix quality issues.

Second “confidence firing” trials have been planned before production and supply resumes to the Indian Army.

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