Tibetans Refuse China’s Army Recruitment Offer

Source : Times Now

Tibetans Refuse China’s Army Recruitment Offer

 China has made an all-out effort to recruit Tibetans in the People’s Liberation Army and para-military outfits, but the response has been tepid, despite strongarm tactics and efforts to force monks to bless the recruits.

In the Ngari Prefecture, the westernmost part of Tibet, adjoining Ladakh, the PLA had laid down the law: one young man from every household and despite all that and a handsome stipend, only 63 have joined. They are being trained for 3 months at Shiqanhe. The PLA wants more Tibetans to join as it means getting fewer Han Chinese from the coastal plains to get used to the high altitude and cold. Many fell ill when they were sent to the line of actual control. Also, Tibetans would also know their way about. 

The other area where there has been forced recruitment is the Chumbi Valley, adjoining Sikkim. Recruitment began on August 2 and the cadets are being trained at Nakchu, in Tibet from September 16. 

The curriculum includes physical training, drill and maintenance of accommodation. The recruits are divided into batches of 30, the trainers being mostly Chinese and a few Tibetans, helping with the translation. The recruits have had to hand over their mobile phone to the authorities. They are only allowed one call home.  

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