Satellite images of a US Navy submarine damaged in the South China Sea appear

Source : The Goa Spotlight (TGSL)

Satellite images of a US Navy submarine damaged in the South China Sea appear
The Seawolf-class fast-attack submarine USS Connecticut (SSN 22) departs Naval Base Kistap-Bremerton for deployment May 27, 2021.

The US Navy’s Connecticut nuclear submarine, which previously encountered an unknown object in the South China Sea, was captured by the Planet Labs spacecraft. It is reported by Drive…

According to published footage, the submarine is moored at a pier in Guam. There is no visible damage on the surface of the vessel. There are no signs of any infrastructure near the submarine to indicate that repairs are underway. 

Satellite image of the damaged USS Connecticut went viral on internet

The journalists of the publication suggested that the collision of “Connecticut” with an unknown object took place well below the submarine’s waterline, presumably, in the area of ​​the bottom of the hull. They noted that this may indicate no head-on collision or overhead collision. 

American nuclear submarine USS Connecticut faced on the afternoon of October 2, while working in the international waters of the Indo-Pacific, with an unknown item, as a result of which 11 sailors were injured. 

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Zhao Lijian demanded that the United States report on what happened. The Chinese Ministry of Defense, in turn, protested United States on the submarine incident

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