NSG Commandos in Indore Conduct Anti-terror Mock Drills

Source : The Times of India 

As sounds of 'gunfire' and 'grenade blasts' started to come from a hotel in Vijay Nagar on Friday afternoon, residents of nearby areas rushed out to see what was happening.

The sight of armed men in black uniforms rappelling down the eight-storey building raised their worries. Their fears were, however, laid to rest almost immediately as it came to fore that National Security Guard (NSG) commandos were carrying out an anti-terrorist drill. A total of 150 commandos took part in the one-hour long drill that demonstrated foiling of a terror attack and rescuing of hostages.

An ATS official told TOI that the exercise at Sayaji hotel in the afternoon was only a demonstration and the complete mock drill by NSG was carried out on Indian Institute of Management (IIM), Indore campus.
The drill, he said, started at 4pm and continued for four hours. The commandos had been divided into different teams ---terrorists, hostages and the rescuers.
After an alert was sounded by local police, ATS SP Rupesh Dwivedi rushed to the spot along with his team. "In such situations, it takes time for NSG to reach the location and so it is responsibility of local police and ATS to take stock of ground situation and find out if it is actually a terrorist attack. Since local police are not equipped to handle such situations, ATS comes into operation," he said.
The institute administration was alerted about the drill and they were asked to vacate the building. Sources said that locals and students were not involved in the operation as it carried a risk of injury. The NSG is a federal contingency force to deal with terrorism. The commandos performed various manoeuvres, including securing the hotel and the institute from terrorists and thwarting any attempt at possible destruction or taking hostages.

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