Pakistan’s poor quality Made In China missiles ‘not working’: Report

Source : OpIndia

Chinese LY-80/HQ-16 Short Range SAM in Pakistani Military Parade

In response to India’s robust air defense capabilities, Pakistan had inducted a Chinese-made Low-to-Medium Altitude Air Defence System (LOMADS) LY 80 on March 12 this year. However, in a major embarrassment to Pakistan, the low-quality Chinese-made missiles are reportedly ‘not working.’

As per a Times Now report, the Chinese technicians are in Pakistan for the past two months making an attempt to repair the systems. To add to it, Pakistan has placed an order for six more such systems. 

LOMADS LY-80 capability includes intercepting and destroying aerial targets flying at low and medium altitudes. Pakistan has deployed the LOMADS at nine locations in the country with a Chinese technician team sent to each of these locations to fix the systems.

As per the Times Now report, Pakistan is desperate for the Air Defence System and has signed a contract with China for six more of such systems.

India successfully test-fires Agni P

On the other hand, India successfully carried out the test-firing of Agni P- a new missile in the Agni series off the coast of Odisha on Monday. 

DRDO had updated after the successful test, “Various telemetry and radar stations positioned along the eastern coast tracked and monitored the missile. The missile has followed textbook trajectory, meeting all mission objectives with a high level of accuracy.”

Prior to that, the Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) successfully test-fired an extended range version of indigenously-developed Pinaka rocket last week at the Integrated Test Range (ITR) in Chandipur.

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