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Who is planning to sabotage an additional Rafale deal?

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Who is planning to sabotage an additional Rafale deal?
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Left-leaning French media portal that was previously caught trying to make a mountain of a mole is again in the news for alleged payment of 4 crores being paid for the procurement of the scale model of the Dassault Rafale to an Indian company that later produced sales invoice and GST filling for the same product along with delivery receipts of the consignments that were sent of the scale models by the company. The main opposition party in India was quick to jump and claim evidence of corruption in the deal but went silent when the second report by the same outlet claimed money being paid to middlemen by Dassault from the time it was in power that predated present government tenure, possibly one of the reasons why Crown Prince of the main opposition party was not so vocal about it like last time.

The main opposition party still went on to claim that the Modi government overpaid France by over 21000 crores but it has little evidence to back their claim since deals for the same French aircraft by two to three other countries for similar size has turned out to be much more expensive for them and has been long busted by mainstream media.

With France all set to complete deliveries of the 36 Rafale by end of this year, mediocre hit jobs in the media to support claims that the deal is tainted doesn’t seem to be dying up and instead of wasting time in investigating such baseless claims, it is utmost important to see who is funding this hit jobs in the media that anyway will not stand the test of time in the court of law in India due to hearsay type of allegations with no smoking gun of evidence to present on the table.

Spokespersons of the Modi government have hinted at business rivals are at it again to sabotage the Rafale deal but provided no substantial evidence has been ever presented by them to back their claims but mere allegations won’t be enough. Dassault has been paying dubious people from 2001 to get information on the technical preferences of the IAF and the same could have been done by the rivals to sabotage any possible follow on deal for more Rafale and the government needs to start investigation in the role of rival business companies and if found then they should be eliminated from any possible future deals.

It’s also important that the Modi government negotiates a better price for the second lot of 36 Rafales from the Dassault and try to put them in the corner for better pricing so that hearsay allegations and mediocre hit jobs in the media can finally comes to end. IAF already has invested its time and manpower in the procurement of 36 Rafale jets and a second lot must be ordered to make it worthy for all the trouble that has been put to get the deal going from 2001 onwards.

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