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DRDO's Hypersonic Glide Vehicle to be ready by 2024-2025 : MoD India

Source : IgMp Bureau

DRDO's Hypersonic Glide Vehicle ready by 2024-2025 : MoD India
Hypersonic Glide Vehicle (HGV)

The Director of Futuristic Technology Management under the Defence Ministry has said that high-end Hypersonic Glide Vehicles (HGVs) that will have a speed of Mach 8 are expected to be developed by 2025.

The DRDO's Hypersonic Technology Demonstrator Vehicle (HSTDV) will now use K4 missile as a booster that will allow heat shield separation to happen at much higher altitudes of around 100 kilometers as compared to previous heat shield separation at 30 kilometers altitude and Hypersonic Glide Vehicles (HGVs) are usually injected around the height of 100 kilometers after which it re-enters the atmosphere and glides itself to the target.

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