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Upgraded Akash Prime missile test-fired

Upgraded Akash Prime missile test-fired
Akash Prime Missile test fired by Indian Army at Pokhran Field Firing Range

A new version of the Akash Prime missile was successfully tested at the Pokhran field firing range in Jaisalmer under the Make in India scheme on Wednesday. The missile proved successful by all standards. The new variant of the missile fired from surface to air hit the pseudo targets of the enemy. Western Command Lt Gen Nav K Khanduri, Vajra Corps General Officer commanding Lt Gen Devendra Sharma, and army and Defence Research and Development Organisation (DRDO) senior officers were present. The testing of Akash missiles was going on for the last three days under the supervision of DRDO and army officers.

According to senior army officials, the DRDO had made some technical changes to the Akash missile and tested it for the last three days at the Pokaran field firing range. 

This missile has been made especially for the army and the air force. New advanced features have been added to the Akash prime missile and its firing capability is being checked in this scorching heat. 

On Wednesday, it was fired from a heavy vehicle and it met all parameters, including command control system, avionics etc. This missile can be fired from a vehicle or permanent place. These missiles have been manufactured by Bharat Dynamics Ltd and have been developed by the DRDO. 

Sources said the missile with a nuclear capacity of 860 metre per second can fly up to 19km.

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