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‘Major Keen Kumar’ — Army officer’s clever introduction to Chinese soldier at LAC goes viral

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‘Major Keen Kumar’ — Army officer’s clever introduction to Chinese soldier at LAC goes viral
A screenshot from the viral video, whose source or date isn't known | Via Twitter

Several social media users were left cracking up by a viral video — of an unknown date, origin and location — that shows an interaction between soldiers of the Indian Army and the People’s Liberation Army (PLA) of China.

The less-than-a-minute-long video shows soldiers of the two armies standing with two banners in the backdrop — one with Mandarin text, and the other reading “The Line of Actual Control”. When asked by a Chinese soldier, dressed in PPE, what his name was, an Indian officer responds, “I am Major Keen Kumar”. The Chinese soldier then introduces himself as “Sung Sung Do”.

The response — a bid by the officer to not disclose his real name to PLA soldiers — has amused many.

The label “Keen Kumar” is usually given to those soldiers in training academies who are always inquisitive and considered front-benchers.

While some users praised the Indian Army officer’s “humour”, others said they were “keen” to know who he is. Others still praised his “presence of mind”.

The joke in the defence circles is that “Lieutenant Keen” — the rank one holds immediately after passing out from the academies — has been promoted and has become a “Major”.

‘Are you not ashamed?’

The video also records an Indian soldier of Tibetan origin shaming Tibetan members of the PLA for backing the Chinese government and for standing there carrying their flag. 

“Are you not ashamed? I know very well that all of you are Tibetans,” says the Tibetan-origin soldier. He is later called “Tsering” by “Major Keen Kumar” in the video. 

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