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ISRO to launch SSLV in the first quarter of 2022, lift-off satellites from four countries during 2021-2023

Source : India Today

Isro to launch SSLV in the first quarter of 2022, lift-off satellites from four countries during 2021-2023
ISRO commercial Arm NewSpace India Limited's Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV) [File Photo]

The Small Satellite Launch Vehicle (SSLV) being developed by the Indian Space and Research Organisation (Isro) is in the final stages of development and its maiden launch is set to be conducted in the first quarter of 2022. Minister for Science & Technology Dr Jitendra Singh on Thursday gave the information in a written reply in the Rajya Sabha.

The SSLV will provide a payload capability of 500 kilograms to a 500-kilometre planar orbit. By comparison, the PSLV — the workhorse of Isro — can take up to a 1,750-kilogram payload into SSO of 600 km altitude

The government has sanctioned Rs 169 crores for the development of the project. This will cover the development & qualification of the vehicle systems and the flight demonstration through three development flights (SSLV-D1, SSLV-D2 & SSLV-D3).

The hardware and structures for the SSLV development project including the solid motor cases, nozzle sub-systems, mandrels for the casting of solid motors, inter-stage structures, actuator motors add fixtures will be acquired through private industries.

“The development of SSLV has been primarily envisaged to build a cost-effective launch vehicle with high launch frequency and quick turnaround capability in order to cater to the growing opportunity in the global launch services market for small satellites,” the Ministry of Science & Technology said in a statement.

SSLV is a three-stage all solid vehicle, which will have the option of multiple satellite mounting options for nano, micro and small satellites.


Isro has signed six agreements with four countries to launch satellites in 2021-2023, generating 132 million euros in revenue. The space agency, through its commercial arm, New Space India Limited (NSIL) will launch these satellites onboard Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle (PSLV), on a commercial basis.

“Through launching foreign satellites on-board an Indian launch vehicle, India has earned a foreign exchange revenue of nearly $35 million and 10 million euros in the last three years,” the minister said in his written reply.

He further added that the type of foreign satellites that have been launched by Isro includes satellites primarily for earth observation, scientific and technology demonstration purposes. Since 1999, Isro has launched a total of 342 foreign satellites belonging to 34 countries.

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