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India will build 2000 km long frontier highway along LAC

Source : Arunachal24

India will build 2000 km long frontier highway along LAC

New Delhi:  India will build 2000 kilometer long frontier highway on LAC, China’s Ghost-Village will also be monitored, According to media reports,  this highway will start from Mago to Vijaynagar.

This is for the first time India is going to build a Frontier Highway on the 2000 kilometer long McMahon Line to respond to China’s tricks on the LAC adjacent to Arunachal Pradesh. This highway, built at a cost of about 40 thousand crores, will connect the entire LAC adjacent to China in one line. 

The ABP report said that, the Frontier Highway will start from Mago in Arunachal Pradesh, adjacent to Bhutan, passing through Tawang, Upper Subansari, Siang, Debang Valley and Kibithu and will reach Vijayanagar near the Myanmar border. In this way, the Line of Actual Control i.e. LAC adjacent to Arunachal Pradesh will be completely connected to a highway. 

Arunachal Pradesh already has two National Highways. Trans Arunachal Highway and East-West Industrial Corridor. In this way all the three highways of Arunachal Pradesh will be connected with the six inter-corridor highways of Arunachal Pradesh. With this the connectivity which was not there in the remote areas of Arunachal Pradesh will be completed. 

China has always been turning a blind eye to Arunachal Pradesh by calling it the area of ​​South Tibet. In the  1962 war, the Chinese army had reached many areas of Arunachal Pradesh. During that time, the Indian Army did not have much road facility, due to which the movement of the army was greatly affected.  

This is the reason why the Indian Army, along with the Border Road Organization (BRO) and the state government, is engaged in laying a network of roads in Arunachal Pradesh. According to sources, only India’s frontier highway will pass close to the ghost-village of China. 

In such a situation, tourism in Arunachal Pradesh will increase with the network of these roads, as well as the ghost-village of China can also be countered. Actually, China has built many ghost-villages on the LAC adjacent to Arunachal Pradesh. The villages with these modern facilities have been settled by bringing in ex-servicemen of the Chinese army. In times of war, these villages can be converted into army barracks.

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