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India squeezes in more enhancements in Rafale F3R

Source : IgMp Bureau

India squeezes in more enhancements in Rafale F3R
Indian Air Force Rafale (File Photo)

Livefist has reported that the India Specific Enhancements have grown beyond the list of 13 enhancements that was originally agreed upon by India and France which includes advanced communication systems, two additional custom sensor modes and the installation of Indian Electronic Warfare (EW) equipment.

The Indian Air Force's request for additional enhancements was accepted by Dassault Aviation as it did not present a procedural cost overrun or time delay.

These additional enhancements have already been integrated and the India-specific Rafale is therefore an even more enhanced version of the fighter jet that India had finalized in the agreement the process of upgrading the existing 35 Rafales with India specific enhancements has already begun and it will continue into 2023.

Dassault Aviation has offered an improved Rafael F4 standard with India-specific enhancements to the Indian Air Force for its MRFA program which includes local production of 114 fighter jets in India with Transfer of Technology.

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