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Indian Army's massive Anti Armour push to rattle China-Pak nexus

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Indian Army's massive Anti Armour push to rattle China-Pak nexus
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Today we will inform our viewers about the Indian Army’s Massive Anti Tank capabilities which the Indian Army has recently acquired.

You all may know about the Pakistani acquisition of Chinese VT-4 Main Battle Tanks and as per defence experts, this tank is going to be a challenge for Indian Army Armoured Formations. But if you check details of Pakistani VT-4 tanks from various sources on the web, then you will understand that the Chinese have exported a downgraded version to the Pakistanis as the Chinese have not supplied Active Protection System to the Pakistani VT-4 tanks, so these tanks are comparable to Indian Army’s T-90 Bhisma tanks. So it is clear that the worrying condition of Pakistani armoured formations with Al-khalid tanks have been sorted out with the introduction of VT-4 tank, but you have to remember one thing here, that is, Indian Army operates more than 1,200 T-90 tanks and more advanced versions are under production and procurement, while Pakistan has procured just 300 VT-4s, so numerically they have no chance to stand in front of Indian Army.

Pakistan Army Chinese VT-4 MBT displayed on Military Parade in Islamabad (Aamir Qureshi/AFP via Getty Images)

But in today’s era, tank isn’t countered with tank, this was the scenario of the past, but now tank is not the answer to a tank, but when it comes to spearheading, then nothing is comparable to a tank. In today’s modern warfare, tank warfare has become a combined warfare, which includes Anti Tank Missiles, Drones, Artilleries, attack helicopters, surface to air missile systems, radars and electro optical sensors and if any one of these elements is missing, then it will be ‘The End’ for armoured formations. If any armoured formations moves without co-ordination between these sub systems of the tank formations, then everything will be finished in just few minutes. But if every systems works in co-ordination with each other, then drones like Bayraktar can make propaganda videos only. You may have noticed that in Ukraine, even the propaganda videos of Bayraktar drones are not coming up anymore.

If you want to know more about Indian  Army’s Anti Tank Capability then you have to understand these three systems which Indian Army has acquired,

No.1) Medium Altitude Long Endurance  (MALE) Armed Drones

A few times ago, Indian Army has acquired Armed version of Israeli Heron-TP MALE drones which can carry payloads in range of American MQ-9 Predator. These drones equipped with Anti Tank Guided Missiles and Micro munitions, can monitor enemy Armoured Formations for a longer period and can destroy them if the need arises.

Israeli Heron-TP Armed MALE UAV

No.2) Attack Helicopter

If you closely look at the photo below, then you will definitely say that everything is there in the picture to destroy 100 tanks, as the Indian Army has already embarked on to acquire Apache Longbow attack helicopter from the United States, apart from this the Indian Army is also inducting indigenous Rudra and HAL Light Combat Helicopters, which means Indian Army has already planned to induct everything that can be a headache for enemy armoured formations.

Glimpses of Indian Army and Indian Air Force joint Exercise Gagan Strike recently held in the deserts of Rajasthan

No.3) Swarm Drones and Loitering Munitions

Indian Army has been inducting these two systems at a very fast rate. A few months ago during Indian Army Day, a LIVE demonstration was carried out by the Army on Swarm drones and their attacking ability.

The drone swarm demonstration on Indian Army Day on 15th January 2021 (PTI File Photo)

Overall, we can say that the way Indian Army has been preparing for the last couple of months or a year or two, if Pakistan Army doesn’t acquire a moving Surface to Air Missile system like our own QR-SAM then the condition of their Armoured Formation will be like Dholakpur’s King Indravarma and his army in famous cartoon on Pogo, Chota Bheem.

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