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Indian Army conducting trials of EnforceAir Anti Drone System at Leh, built by Israeli firm D-Fend Solutions

Source : IgMp Bureau

Indian Army conducting trials of EnforceAir Anti Drone System at Leh, built by Israeli firm D-Fend Solutions
EnforceAir Anti Drone system (Left) and EnforceAir Anti Drone system under testing by Indian Army in Leh (Right)

The Indian Army is conducting trials of the EnforceAir Counter Drone system at Leh that has been developed by Israeli firm D-Fence solutions.

This system features the World's Most Advanced Counter-Drone Radio Frequency-based takeover technology and it can be used in both autonomous and manual mode.

EnforceAir C-UAS is an advanced autonomous system that automatically and passively detects, locates and identifies rogue drones, with capability to mitigate risk by TAKING CONTROL over them and landing them safely at a predefined safe zone, employing a non-jamming, non-kinetic technology which does not require line-of-sight. EnforceAir’s comes in a wide variety of deployment configurations to enable complete operational flexibility and provide end-to-end c-UAS capabilities in any scenario or environment, whether urban or rural, and in dense or open terrain.

EnforceAir anti drone system working mechanism (Image Source : Dronivo)

EnforceAir passively and continuously scans and detects unique communication signals used by commercial drones. Once detected, EnforceAir extracts the drone identifiers for Identification Friend or Foe (IFF) and decodes the telemetry signal to extract the drone position with GPS accuracy, as well as its take-off position near the pilot in real-time.

During the mitigation process, the drone user pilot loses all control of the drone, including video and telemetry information, and cannot regain control over the drone throughout the entire process. EnforceAir is a non-jamming solution which transmits a precise and short signal that takes control over the rogue drone without interfering with other drones and communication signals.

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