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Japan allows weapons exports to friendly countries; Chance to get Taigei class submarine in P-75I tender

Source : IgMp Bureau

Japan allows weapons exports to friendly countries Chance to get Taigei class submarine in P-75I tender
Japanese Taigei class submarine

Just days after the Quad Summit in Tokyo, Japanese media has reported that the Japanese Government is working to bring new regulatory changes for defense exports by March 2023 that will allow export of fighter jets, missiles and other defense platforms to 12 countries including Quad members India and Australia.

Japan is expected to sign an agreement by November with UK's BAE Systems to develop its FX 6th generation fighter jet and Japan wants to export it to allow Japanese manufacturers to lower their production costs if Japan agrees to offer the Taigei class submarines then India's Project-75I can come out of the single-vendor situation and prevent the time-consuming re-tendering process.

The three-thousand-tonne (3,000 tonnes) Taigei class submarine is a successor to the Soryu class submarine that is equipped with Next-Generation Sonar Systems, Snorkel Power Generation System with lowered acoustic signature, Air Independent Propulsion (AIP) system and lithium-ion batteries.

Japan has also developed its XF-91 jet engine which can generate 110-kilonewton dry thrust and 150 kilonewtons of thrust with an afterburner if India and Japan are successful in exploring technical collaboration for the development of fighter jets then Japan will be a natural partner for Next-Generation Jet engine development.

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