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US Navy ships may be seen at Indian Shipyards in future. Details Here

Source : Press Trust of India (PTI)

US Navy ships may be seen at Indian Shipyards in future. Details Here
India, US are exploring possibilities of US Navy ships being serviced, repaired at Indian shipyards

In a small but significant move, India and the United States have decided to explore the possibilities of Indian shipyards not only maintaining but also repairing American navy ships. This is expected to not only further boost the India-US defence trade, but also bring additional business to the Indian shipyards. The decision in this regard was taken during the India-US 2+2 ministerial meeting that was held in Washington on Monday.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken along with Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin led the American delegation while the Indian delegation was led by External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar and Defence Minister Rajnath Singh.

“To further enhance defence industrial cooperation in the naval sector, both sides agreed to explore possibilities of utilising the Indian shipyards for repair and maintenance of ships of the US Maritime Sealift Command (MSC) to support mid-voyage repair of US Naval ships,” said the joint statement issued after the 2+2 meeting.

Over the past decade, there has been enhanced cooperation between Indian and American militaries, in particular among the militaries in the Indo-Pacific region.

Notably, Military Sealift Command ships are made up of a core fleet of ships owned by the United States Navy and others under long-term-charter augmented by short-term or voyage-chartered ships.

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