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Indian Navy releases List of 21 Platforms for Procurement, which includes IAC-2 and Next Gen Destroyers among other items

Source : IgMp Bureau

Indian Navy releases List of 21 Platforms for Procurement
Project-18 Next Generation Destroyers along with IAC-2 will be two foremost platforms in this list of 21 major platforms listed for procurement by the Indian Navy in the coming future

Indian Navy has been beefing up its strength vis-a-vis China, although numerically China is superior to India in most of the military aspects, India holds its own edge in Indian Ocean Region where its Naval power is still unchallenged. At a time when the Indian Army is facing the Chinese People's Liberation Army (PLA) in the Himalayas bravely, giving the Chinese a bloody nose in Galwan in April 2020, the Indian Navy swiftly moving towards having a bigger fleet than ever before to face Chinese challenge ranging from the South China Sea to Indian Ocean Region.

An Indian Navy representative has told the Parliamentary Standing Committee on defense that the Navy is building capacity to ensure that whatever capacity China can bring into the region it has all those capabilities to counter that on the future roadmap to defend the Indian Ocean. 

The Navy has released a list of 21 future procurements that includes :-

1) 6 Next Generation Missile Vessels built by Cochin Shipyard, 

2) 5 fleet support ships by Hindustan Shipyard, 

3) High Altitude and Medium Altitude Long-Endurance class of UAVs, 

4) Multi-Role Carrier-Borne Fighters, 

5) A second Indigenous Aircraft Carrier, 

6) Next-Generation Fast Attack Craft, 

7) 6 Next Generation Corvettes, 

8) 6 Next Generation Destroyers, 

9) A National Hospital Ship, 

10) Next-Generation Fast Interceptor Craft, 

11) Electronic Warfare System GSAT-2 satellite, 

12) Extra-Large Unmanned Underwater Vehicle Long-Range and Medium-Range Anti-ship Missiles and simulators, 

13) MR-SAM missiles for new vessels, 

14) Vertically launched missiles for both new and existing vessels, 

15) and high endurance autonomous underwater vehicles

With all these force multipliers in its fleet in the future, the Indian Navy will easily become a Force to be reckoned with in Indo Pacific Region.

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