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For the first time! Indian Navy, IAF, Army and Coast Guard together conducts 20 day long mega exercise at Arabian Sea

Source : India Today

For the first time! Indian Navy, IAF, Army and Coast Guard together conducts 20 day long mega exercise at Arabian Sea
40 ships - submarines,P-8I, Mig-29K, IL-38SD, Dornier aircraft and UAVs of the Indian Navy, Sukhoi Su-30MKI, Jaguar Maritime Strike Aircraft, AWACS and Refuelling of the Indian Air Force, Air Defence Batteries of the Indian Army, and Fast Patrol Vessel, Air Cushion Vessels of the Indian Coast Guard, all have participated in this Mega 20 day long Joint All Service exercise

A 20-day joint military exercise aimed at synergy in warfare involving assets of the Navy, Air Force and Army was carried out off the western coast in the Arabian Sea. Conducted by the Indian Navy, the exercise – named Paschim Lehar – included participation of over 40 ships and submarines, IAF’s SU 30 MKI and Jaguar maritime strike aircraft deployed along with flight refuelling aircraft and airborne warning and controlling systems.

Indian Navy’s maritime reconnaissance aircraft P8i, Dorniers, IL 38 SD, unmanned aerial systems and MiG 29K strike aircraft were also part of the aerial assets deployed. Various elements of the Indian Army, including air defence batteries were also mobilised for the exercise. The Coast Guard also participated in exercise.

“A variety of weapon firings in a realistic tactical scenario besides validation of operational missions and tasks under varying settings, were undertaken during the exercise,” a statement from the defence ministry said.

The joint maritime exercise concluded on January 25.

“The exercise was conducted over a duration of 20 days with an objective to validate operational plans of the Western Naval Command and enhance inter-service synergy among the Indian Navy, IAF, Indian Army and Coast Guard,” the statement said.

The Indian military is looking at a new theatre command model for an integrated approach to warfare. Four commands have been planned as of now — two for land and one each for air and maritime operations.

As per the plan, the land commands can include the western theatre that will take care of Pakistan and will be based in Jaipur. The eastern theatre will be focusing on China and can based in Kolkata or Lucknow. The air defence command can be in Jodhpur, Gandhinagar or Allahabad, while the maritime command can be in Karwar.

In November last year, 30,000 troops got together for a joint exercise in the deserts of Rajasthan.

This time the exercise was conducted for a maritime warfare scenario.

“The exercise provided all participating forces an opportunity to operate together under realistic conditions, in responding to contemporary maritime challenges, across the areas of the Command’s responsibility,” the defence ministry said.

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