As per expectation, Pakistan refuses to claim the body of Intruder, shot dead by BSF in J&K’s Arnia

Source : Republic

As per expectation, Pakistan refuses to claim the body of Intruder, shot dead by BSF in J&K’s Arnia
Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan, Vaccine certificate of killed intruder and the body of the intruder below (Image Source : AP)

Amounting to no shocker on the part of the Pakistan government, the Prime Minister Imran Khan-led regime has outrightly denied retrieving the slain terrorist’s body after Border Security Forces (BSF) neutralised the intruder in Jammu’s Arnia town. The gun firing was carried during the late hours of January 3 after BSF personnel while patrolling along the international border suspected activity in the forward area at Border Out Post (BOP) of Balley Chak. 

It is pertinent to note that the Indian Armed Forces not only recovered a sack that had the markings of “Karachi Fertilizers Company Limited”, but the terrorist who was gunned down carried a COVID-19 vaccine certificate which was acknowledged by competent and legitimate Pakistan authorities. 

However, sources informed that upon being contacted by BSF personnel to take back the terrorist’s slain body, the cross-border Pakistani forces denied accounting for the same. 

After the firing, a search operation was also carried out for other intruders or any recovery. Along with this, another intruder was also gunned down by the troops in the Bullechak area. Following the Pakistani terrorist encounter, BSF stated that it recovered three AK-47 rifles, five packets of heroin, four pistols, five magazines of AK-47 rifles, two pistol magazines, 14 rounds AK-47, and seven bullets of 9mm. The recovery was made by the BSF personnel of 98 Battalion around 10.10 AM when the arms and ammunition were hidden in a sack bag amid bushes near Border Post 35. 

“Alert troops of BSF, after noticing the suspicious movement of a Pak intruder in Arnia sector of Jammu in an area opposite to BP No 978, challenged him. But he did not stop thus compelling them (troops) to open fire,” the official said. “Intruder was killed on the spot,” the official had added.

On the contrary, Pakistan Defence Analyst Brigadier Harris Nawaz, shielding Pakistan’s interests, said that his country did not indulge in such activities as Pakistan ‘does not need to’. He claimed the youth of Kashmir are killing Indian soldiers and alleged that the BSF has been killing innocent women and civilians in Kashmir.

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