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Indian Navy likely to approve 3+3 Kilo deal with Russia


Indian Navy likely to approve 3+3 Kilo deal with Russia
Erstwhile INS Sindhuvir (S58) of the Indian Navy Sindhughosh Kilo-class submarine and now UMS Minye Theinkhathu (71) of the Myanmar Navy (File Photo)

Last year, Russia offered India to sell 3 Old Kilo-class Diesel-Electric conventional submarines and carry out Major Refit and Life Certification (MRLC) for three existing Kilo submarines in the Indian Navy for $1.5billion. 3 old submarines on offer to India have been decommissioned from the Russian Navy in 2020 and 2019 since then kept in storage as they moved forward with the construction of Project 636.3, an improved version of the Kilo-class.

Russia has offered 3 Old Kilo-class submarines for a $250 Million deal but after factoring in MRLC cost that is around $170-200 Million per ship, each ship will come to $260-300Million. MRLC carried out on a decommissioned ship will only add service life by 10 years but this will boost the strength of the kilo fleet back to the original 10 in the Indian Navy.

Earlier this year, the Indian Navy retired one of its older Kilo-class submarines and last year had transferred one to Myanmar Navy. Indian Navy has lost one Kilo submarine in 2013 due to an internal explosion due to which it sank at Mumbai’s naval dockyard resulting in the death of 18 crew members.

Indian Navy team will be visiting dry dockyard facilities in Russia soon where these submarines are in storage for lat 2-3 years for inspection and later Team will file a report to the Naval Head Quarters after which a final decision will be taken.

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