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Sukhoi Su-75: Russia plans to Checkmate rivals by offering Exclusive Indian Production line


Sukhoi Su-75: Russia plans to Checkmate rivals by offering Exclusive Indian Production line
Russian Brand New Sukhoi Su-75 Checkmate Single Engine 5th Generation Stealth Fighter

It looks like Russians are planning to turn the heat up as makers of single-engined Light Tactical Stealth fighter ” checkmate ” are planning to brief and give an official presentation to the Indian Air Force (IAF) on the sidelines of the upcoming Defence Expo 2022 that is to be held next year in Gujarat.

Russia’s state defense and tech corporation Rostec already has marked India as a potential export country for the jet when it was officially launched at the MAKS-2021 International Aviation and Space earlier this year. Russia is not planning to offer Su-75 as a contender in the IAF’s Multi-Role Fighter Aircraft (MRFA) Tender for 114 jets but a direct offer that will see Government to Government contract if IAF agrees to the proposal.

Russia will be offering to set up a local production line if the MRFA requirement can be met by the Su-75. Russian military prefers twin-engine aircraft given the greater safety margins they offered in the event of engine damage while patrolling Russia’s vast frontiers due to which it is offering local production lines for country’s that are willing to procure them in sizeable numbers and might become an exclusive production line for other export customers.

Rostec already has promised to have the first flight of prototypes by 2023 and enter limited production by 2026 and has plans to develop an unmanned variant of the aircraft shortly that can act as Loyal Wingman to the manned Checkmate. Rostec is working on developing a modified AL-41F engine (142.2kN) that will be more rigid for single-engine operations on the Checkmate. Russia is open to offering a much more powerful Izdeliye 30 engine (176kN) developed for the Su-57 Program but AL-41F that powers the Su-35 fleet is well tested and proven engine that many customers will prefer.

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