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Russia designs ‘smart’ projectile-drone hybrid

Source : TASS

Russia designs ‘smart’ projectile-drone hybrid
Russian Smart Drones on display [Picture Credit:]

Researchers of the Russian Federal Nuclear Center — Zababakhin All-Russian Research Institute of Technical Physics have patented a smart projectile-drone hybrid, according to a patent obtained by TASS.

According to the patent, the projectile will feature increased horizontal maneuverability due to an additional set of wings. “In order to ensure flights at lowest possible speeds while hugging an obstacle, the projectile features additional wings.

In order to ensure maximum speeds during the final stages of the flight, those additional wings can be jettisoned,” the patent says.

The projectile will be launched from a catapult. In the original configuration, the additional set of wings is stowed inside the aircraft’s hull, but will slide out if needed.

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