Webinar to build false narrative on Kashmir cancelled; JNU VC orders inquiry

Source : Times Now

Webinar to build false narrative on Kashmir cancelled; JNU VC orders inquiry
Jawaharlal Nehru University (JNU) (File Photo)

Once again Jawahar Lal Nehru University (JNU) is in the eye of the storm. This time for inviting known India baiter as a guest speaker to address a webinar on a controversial subject that questioned the sovereignty and territorial integrity of India.  

However, following backlash on social media, JNU was forced to cancel a webinar on Kashmir organised by the Centre for Women Studies. Meanwhile, Vice-Chancellor of JNU, M Jagdish Kumar,  has ordered an inquiry. “JNU cannot be a platform to this kind of very questionable webinars. The matter is being inquired into,” he said.

The notice for the webinar, which was to be held at 8:30 pm on Friday, read, “This talk will draw and build upon the ethnography of gendered resistance to Indian occupation in Kashmir.”

The title of the webinar was enough to agitate people across the country and they started questioning that how come JNU authorities allow taxpayers’ money to be used for anti-India propaganda. 

The other objectionable thing to them was JNU providing a platform to known India baiter, Athar Zia, to use university platform to portray and project India in a bad light.

“This Kashmiri woman runs anti-India propaganda from the US, where she has settled after marriage. How come JNU provides space to ‘tukde tukde gang‘ – the one she belongs to,” questioned one of the netizens.

The ABVP – student wing –  also burned the webinar poster. Many people feel that this event was aimed to start a vicious campaign against ongoing developmental and peace activities in Kashmir Valley.

Finally, this massive uproar led the JNU administration on Friday to cancel an online webinar on Kashmir to feature a talk by Ather Zia which spoke of the “Indian occupation in Kashmir”.

Athar Zia, who is working as Assistant Prof of Anthropology and Gender Studies in Northern Colorado University runs the website KashmirnLit that often glorifies, justifies, and humanises terrorists in Kashmir valley while Indian armed forces are demonised.

Known filmmaker and Kashmiri Pandit activist, Ashok Pandit, described organising such a webinar conspiracy against India. 

“There are sleeper cells operating against India in JNU. I want govt to allow NIA to conduct an investigation into this matter and tighten noose against such anti-India elements operating inside the campus,” alleged Pandit. 

Hitting put at CWS, Abhijit Jarotia, spokesperson of BJP said that providing a platform to such elements will only help such elements legitimise their propaganda against India.   

Vice-Chancellor maintained that the faculty member organising the webinar did not seek the permission of the administration before planning such an event.

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